Wow!  Now this is a Social Business!

Yesterday, Premier, a hospital-owned alliance with nearly 87,000 member care sites, announced that it has partnered with IBM to create the world’s largest healthcare performance improvement network.

The network is called PremierConnect, and it is based on our IBM Connections Social Suite!   PremierConnect has many of the Use Cases that you’ve heard our Coffee Breaks on like:

  • Social  Innovation:    More than 100,000 providers can instantly connect, share best practices and data based on thousands of patient outcomes that can be used to benefit treatment anywhere!!!   This insight drives better decision making and reduces healthcare spending.

Want more examples of the power of this Network?  Did they use the Social Business AGENDA?  yes!  In fact,  Denise Hatzidakis  talked about it at this year’s Connect 2012 event in Orlando!

Imagine the value of this network!  

  • A supply chain executive can make purchasing decisions based on price, quality and safety, supported by thousands of outcomes. They can also interact with peers nationwide to get feedback on products they’re considering for contracts and be alerted when new contracts are launched so they can immediately and easily obtain best pricing.
  • A clinical integration executive can segment populations of patients to understand where to focus care management efforts and monitor the effectiveness of medical homes in improving care while reducing costs.
  •  An infection preventionist can be alerted to possible harm-related events within their system through real-time surveillance. They can also better coordinate care with other departments, such as Pharmacy, to ensure the proper drugs are administered.
  • A physician or chief medical officer can monitor clinical performance, understand practice variation, access patient level detail and support government reporting requirements. This information is clearly and simply presented and based on every diagnosis, procedure and patient visit.
  • A human resources executive can access staffing plans and industry-best-practices to minimize inefficient processes that take too long or require too many employees to complete, or instances when higher paid employees do work that less expensive or experienced staff could do equally well.
  • A Partnership for Patients program director will have access to data collection modules, best practice harm and readmission content, and a community of other healthcare professionals leading their own local programs.

Connect with Premier on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube   as well!!!

Congrats to Denise and the team!!!