The 1988 film, “The Accidental Tourist,” is about a writer of travel guides for reluctant business travelers, which detail how best to avoid unpleasantness and difficulty.   Are you “The Accidental Social Business Manager”, who has been asked to step in and migrate what was initially a casual solution to an intentional Social Business solution bridging departments and spanning within and external to your business?

If so, I do think that the Social Business Agenda can help shape where you need to go.  Today, I spoke with 2 clients via phone who were that “Accidential Social” and were being asked to pick up the pieces.

The Social Business Agenda’s objective is to help companies develop process patterns for 5-10 use cases that will drive strong business outcomes based on your goals and culture. 

Part 1: Align Goals with Culture (this involves a cultural assessment survey)

Part 2: Gain trust through the development of  a Trust plan and identify your Influencers based on your goals

Part 3: Engage the employee and client! Create an engagement plan taking into account gaming, mobile, portal, etc that appeal to the audience and goals

Part 4: Networked Processes. Select the highest ROI business process to start — select metrics for the KPIs by process

Part 5: Design a Risk Mitigation and Reputation Management Plan

Part 6: Analytics, Social Analytics as the focus

From the movie, Leary was set in his ways. The way he lived, thought, and worked. He imagined that it would always be like that. Until an unusual woman showed him the way it could be!!   Let us help you!