I am now in Japan with our IBM Japan Team!


We have a full agenda of launching our IBM   Here are some of the Social References we will be sharing!

  • Omron Corporation, a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Corporation offers approximately 200,000 products that span industrial automation, electronic components, social systems, healthcare and the environment. The world is changing the way they communicate leading Omron’s customers to change the way they communicate.  All of this leads Omron associates to change how they communicate – especially as “Knowledge is a crucial factor to win business”. The program started in Onrom Europe connecting employees.  Next phases will connect employees to customers, customer to customer, and expand scope globally.  Their Solution Principles are built on the premise that IT is just a tool, and that embedding social into the process provides for Tsunagi (Japanese for linkage)  of data and process and people!
  • NOVIO and Tateyama a computer services company and an IT solutions and services provider leveraged IBM’s Social Business in the cloud for improved collaboration and eliminated slow and inefficient e-mail and telephone communication between Tateyama and NOVIO Computer employees. The solution enabled distributed development teams to efficiently conduct productive, effective discussions about planning, developing and using the SFS solution. It has optimized teamwork, strengthened their client relationships and helped them achieve faster development of their products!
  • Berlitz Corporation, a Japan corporation, provides premier language training services to corporate and government clients, students, and other individuals through 550 centers worldwide. To accelerate its globalization efforts and fully leverage its intellectual capital, Berlitz needed to enhance communication and knowledge sharing among its 12,000 instructors and other employees. Berlitz built an enterprise-wide SPACE collaboration area for social networking to enhance their employee effectiveness. They have fully leveraged their valuable intellectual capital by enabling employees, located worldwide, to communicate with and learn from each other !