Our Social Business World Tour now has taken me to Hong Kong/ China.  Ogivly has a great show called “Social Media Matters” and it was again a sold out affair.   They had to figure out how to fit 500 seats into the expanded room and we still ended up with people standing! 

The conference was mainly focused on Marketing.   Per the IBM CMO study, 71% of CMOs regard social business as their #1 priority in managing the shift to digital marketing.    CMOs are looking to deliver value to empowered customers, focus on customers as individuals, and reveal preferences and trends hidden in data.  Foster lasting connections while stimulating customer relationships and offer tangible incentives if you can leverage social to engage throughout the customer lifecycle. 

#SMMASIA was a trending topic and here were some of favs — Twitter Style!  My Top 10!

1.  Opening of Olympics – 10 million tweets on twitter. On Chinese microblog site weibo – 119million

2.  IBM hit the nail on the head – have to have processes in place for social biz to work

3.  Renren users use their real name, which is not commonly seen on other Chinese social platforms

4.  A year from now, we will be talking as much as about WeChat as we are about Weibo. – Sam Flemming, CIC

5.  From IBM CEO Study, Social at the top: 16% of CEOs use social to connect with customers

6.  70%+ people in hong kong follow brands on LinkedIn – they welcome and expect interaction

7.  400 million video views on YouKu Tudou every day. 62% from licensed content like drama and movies.

8.  If fans love your brand, those fans will have your back.

9.  Wu Sheng of Jingdong: “does the customer return? That is all that matters. The rest is just fluff

10.  Last year, less than 1 out of 10 mobile phone purchases in China were smartphones, now 1 out of 2.”

IBM’s own Kwee Heng Lee who leads Social Business for the Greater China region was excited as IBM played a key role at the event!