Sometimes we try to be all things to all people.   Trying to have ids , profiles, accounts on all social platforms. Given that content is king and queen, spreading yourself and your company’s resources too thin, doesn’t help you.  More is not always better!!!

At the start of 2013, re-look at your personal and company investments here.


  • Listen and use Social Analytics to determine which social tools are most valuable to you and your company.  Is it LinkedIn?  IBM Connections?   Twitter?  Pineterest?
  • Think through consolidating some of your presence based on that analytical data
  • Use tools that allow you to post to multiple networks at once like WordPress, Foursquare, Connections
  • On those sites where you are present and will invest, personally think through your brand presence.  For example,

*   Same picture used in all profiles

*   Solid brand value — either personally or company wide

*   Consistent branding throughout social networks

*  Consider differentiation for different brands or divisions in your company but linked to overall mission