In Social Business, brand and consistency matter.   In fact, I am here at Lowe’s listening to @VictoriaLabalme talk about who you really are.  Interesting.

Pause.  Yes right now.   After you are gone, what is the essence of what you want to be known for?  That always effects behavior.   I think this is really important for a company and each of us as people to think through  before we post or pull together any social strategy.

A Through Line is an invisible thread that binds your story together in writing screen plays or books.  It is the essential component of story structure

What’s your through line in your social identity?  How about for your company?


  • Determine your through line.  We call this your brand value as well.
  • Use the through line!  Link all your blogs posts, tweets, speeches, emails
  • First to final.   Think about your first moment of interact — and final moment.    Then focus on how you take people from the first moment to the final moment.  Great final moments in a great movie are always thought through!
  • How did that make them feel?  Social should be thought of with “Know Do Feel” –>   Know is about the facts, the do is your actions, and feel is how you made them feel.   No one really remembers what you said, but they remember how you made them feel   I know a lot of posts are about know or do.  But how often do we focus on the “Feel”?

I’d really like to know what you think of this approach.