A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced its new feature LinkedIn Contacts, giving you enhanced functionality for better managing your relationships and social engagement. As the feature is now being rolled out, we have gathered a few tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn Contacts.

1. Import your contacts – You have multiple options to do this with LinkedIn Contacts. Go to contacts in your LinkedIn profile and then to setting.  You will be able to import your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and iPhone contacts among others.

2. Set reminders to connect – Whilst making a first connection is easy, it’s far more difficult to keep it alive. LinkedIn Contacts offers a solution for this by giving you the opportunity to set a reminder to follow-up with your connections.

3. Merge duplicate contacts – LinkedIn now shows you all profiles they believe to be duplicates so that you can merge them by simply unclicking those names on the list that are actually two different people.

4. Tag your connections – Make the effort to accurately tag your connections. This will help you to better organize your contacts and find them again easily.

5. Note relevant information – If you didn’t know yet, profile notes are private to you. So, when making a connection, you should make use of the notes feature and write down important information for later use.