The European Training Foundation (ETF) is an agency of the European Economic Union (EEU) that provides expertise in the area of vocational education and labor market issues to 30 non-EEU countries.

Given that its teams are geographically dispersed, are in different time zones and use different languages, the ETF found it challenging and inefficient to share documents and collaborate on projects. Because information was located in departmental databases or even in spreadsheets, information was hard to find and share. The ETF needed a way in which team members could easily share documents and collaborate while working a project.

The organization is using the Social Business focus to find subject matter experts and create wikis for documents to make documents truly social elements!

• Reduces risk and waste by centralizing documents associated with a project in communities, making it easier for team members to access information
• Helps team members find subject matter experts easily using profiles
• Enables users to create wikis for group editing of and collective input to documents associated with a project