Colleagues in Care (CIC) is a global health network of approximately 200 doctors, nurses, medical personnel and other volunteers working together to provide quality health care services, telemedicine, knowledge and training to aid the poor and those suffering. The nonprofit organization is strategically focused on Haiti and is striving to bring a high-quality standard of care that reflects best possible practice in a resource-challenged environment.

In order to better connect the hundreds of medical worker and volunteers, CIC today is using  Social Business to provide the global network of healthcare volunteers with immediate access to critical data and information for the current healthcare needs of the Haitian citizens. With Social Business, the volunteers and those on the front lines taking care of patients are armed with an online medical knowledge system that includes treatment options, clinical pathways, and best practices specific to the situation in Haiti.

Through social networking, Web-based meetings, activities, and forums, the volunteers are sharing ideas and information as if they were in the same room.