Our challenge — summary for our Social challenge for companies using the SOCIAL Acronym.

S:     Start now — personally with LinkedIn or Twitter.   Develop your own digital reputation dashboard.  And don’t forget to start in your business.  Remember, Social Networks are the new Production line!  It will transform your business.

O:   Organizations are starting.  79% of companies (according to Harvard Business Review Analytics Services) have started using Social.   Be courageous by having the charged and difficult discussions, keep them alive, amplify them, and raise the level of awareness around them for greater good!

C:  Culture eats strategy for lunch.    The social world requires changes in the way you work and interact.   Are you culturally ready?  Create cultures that encourage a Sparring Culture!

I:  Intelligence that is connectional is crucial.   By unleashing Connectional Intelligence through the Power of Social, people become engaged and energized. Connectional Intelligence (CxQ) is the ability to realize value from networks of relationships, to harness units of knowledge and reuse them to innovate, to convene communities, and to marshall resources for breakthroughs.

A: Allow form to follow function.   Experiment internally first.  Did you know that more companies are using social internally than externally now?   This is to learn the environment, the power, and practice and experiment.    There is value of this employee engagement.

L:  Lead the way!  Social enables you to combine the strength of your team. This ability to take ideas, resources or products and combine them to create entirely new ideas, generate new ways of thinking and produce new results.