The heat is on this summer for zoos, museums and other cultural venues to increase visitor traffic to grow revenues — particularly from socially savvy Millennial consumers. IBM is helping cultural organizations use Big Data, analytics, mobile devices and social channels to create a more enriching, personalized experience to generate visitor and business growth.

Our Viewpoint

Museums and zoos are competing with many other attractions for consumer leisure time during the summer. Non-profit cultural organizations need to embrace and analyze Big Data to more effectively market to and serve Millennial patrons and members.  Did you know that 2 of 3 of millennials say that museums are a very good value for their time and money!!!

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Mobile devices and social channels present new opportunities for cultural venues to uncover insights into what Millennial visitors want from their experience. By analyzing mobile and social data, companies can enable institutions to determine which exhibits and programs are having the greatest impact on business.

Cultural venues with smaller budgets can use Big Data and analytics to gain a better understanding of visitor preferences and encourage repeat attendance.

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