Ahhhhh!  I love the summer and what better summer fun, that being in the ocean.   I love riding the waves .. and you quickly that another wave is always coming!  There is always the next one —that provides continuous action.  So your plan of attack is ride the one, and for the best, combine their power!

The same is true in Business.   Make sure you are taking into account the consolidated effect!

Did you know that less than one-third of marketers have integrated social media and mobile marketing with other campaign?  The State of Marketing 2013, IBM’s Global Survey of Marketers 

Since 68% of social networking is done on a mobile device, the lack of combining the trends that come on top of one another is a non competitive view!

How might you accomplish this integration?   Combine location, customer identity, and customer interactions to personalize mobile apps

It seems that customers in banking, retail, travel, and media and communications are prioritizing their mobile strategies and many have deployed or will soon deploy mobile applications.   Amex’s mobile app presents personalized offers based on a variety of things, including location – In addition to a customer’s purchase history, aka “spend graph”, and current location, Amex allows users to further personalize offers based on in-app thumbs up or thumbs down ratings, which informs the future deals that surface. Learn from existing customer data and from real-time feedback from users.

 BUT, it is important to recognize that “context” is more than “location”  – e.g., an unhappy customer is an unhappy customer anywhere (still wouldn’t want to target them even if they’re near a store that they dislike)