Lately I have been focused on Content Curation as a secret weapon in your Social Strategy.  Did you know that 60% of B2B marketers plan on spending more on their content marketing next year than ever before?

content marketing

What is Social Content Curation?   It is a plan to create content, distribute content, promote content, and measure its success in the social world.

7 Steps to Great Social Curation:

  1. Conceptualize:   Before you begin, think through your plan and goals for your social content.  Think through details and leave nothing to chance. This requires a lot of preliminary research on your part.
  2. Plan your space.  Select where to place the content.  Where you place content will help you shape the content.  For instance, content on Pinterest is different than a blog!  Did you know that SlideShare is a great place and the largest curation of social presentations?  How do you leverage the right tools for your content!
  3. Know your audience.  A good curator needs to understand the audience and to fully communicate and let their Point of View (POV) speak out to the public and to better listen and meet their desires.
  4. Secure commitment, resources and budget.   Who will be your Subject Matter experts(SMEs)?  Make sure you secure their time and if you need, money to create the right graphics, video, and pictures to make your content come live.
  5. Create content.  Make sure it is great content.  Writing well is a necessary skill for a curator.  As is the use of video, pictures, presentations, and all valued content for your area.
  6. Communicate your content.  You have spent a long time on researching and organizing your content; now you want to maximize the viewing for your content and make it truly memorable. Imagine a top rated infographic, or blog.  Allow time and budget in order to be able to effectively contextualize your work.
  7. Have an Opening! Just like a museum curating an art exhibition, make your Social Content opening fun, exciting and memorable. You want to create an exciting buzz so that people will keep coming back.  Schedule your opening and begin the opening with a bang — maybe a SocialChat or a Tweetup.   Just as a museum would begin the opening with a live art or music performance or light show, these items !