SXSW is the place to be, come March 7th, and IBM will not be missing out! Each year we have a bigger and bigger presence, and the list goes on… but I’m saving that for another post.

In the meantime, block off 4PM on Saturday, March 8 to purchase a signed copy of my book “Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business” in the SW Bookstore.

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Key topics I cover in the book include aligning organizational goals and culture, building trust and designing for reputation and risk management. With over 60 references from major brands!

Jeffrey Gitomer says “Sandy Carter has not just written a book, she has set a standard. Get Bold is NOT an option, it’s an imperative.”

Guy Kawasaki says “For crying out loud, IBM ‘gets’ social media. Don’t you think it’s about time that you do? This is the book to get you started.”
I’m proud to say that this book has been the #1 best seller at the IBM Pulse and IBM Connect conferences already this year!
Now a big theme at SXSW this year is how we build better engagement: as brands, individuals and citizens. Let me share with you a model for engagement in this excerpt from Get Bold:


How Do You Engage?
There are three essential techniques that we have found have the greatest success rate. I call these the Three I’s:
– Interact (mobile, gaming, gifting, location-based services, crowdsourcing)
– Integrate (online, offline)
– Identify (content, emotion, personalize)
Note that each of these is a two-way engagement:
– To interact means that your clients or employees become active participants. For example, in gaming, they are playing the game, as you are teaching and instructing them in a fun way.
– To integrate means that your company will have online and offline engagements that fit together to form a full picture of your company. So you will not see one view in an event online and a different personality of the company in a store. If you are not integrated in your approach, engagement is weakened.
– In identification, the key is to identify with our clients or employees and to personalize your approach in engaging with them. Your goal is to provide them an experience that is just for them. They comment on your blog because it speaks in their voice, or about their passion, and gets them involved.
Want to learn more? Come to the book signing on Saturday, March 8 and pick up your copy of Get Bold!