We just published our new Business Tech Trend report with over 1400 decision makers.    From this report, take a look at gains in Social deployment over the last 2 years.   It is up 106%

maturity social btt

Then we studied the Pacesetters.  Pacesetters are those who have dedicated their competitive focus through technology and are seeing better business value.


But what I find most exciting — is the way these Pacesetters are using Social.   They 6X more likely to use Social for communication and to improve client experience.    In addition, they use social 3X more than those laggards for expanding into new segments and markets.

social btt view

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The 3 key take aways to help You become a pacesetter  are:

  1. Understanding the Pacesetters secrets.   Download the picture book:  https://ibm.biz/IBMBTT14
  2. Leverage the data in the study and experiment Developing an App on Bluemix : https://ibm.biz/biztechjam
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