Our NYC SmartCamp winner is announced: Yosko!

IBM SmartCamp season has begun, and we've already had some great SmartCamp events in Austin, Chicago, and Prague!

Earlier this week, we held a SmartCamp event in New York with a focus on Watson-related solutions. The winner was Yosko!


With their mobile-based solutions, Yosko provides access to the electronic medical records, facilitates exchanges between physicians, and improves care team communication. Sounds like a great Watson for Healthcare solution!

As I said, SmartCamps are just getting started! Want to participate? Want to attend one? Check out our schedule of upcoming SmartCamps!

Celebrate Valentine's Day and Great Relationships!! A Salute to IBM Partners!

The top 3 ways we love to partner!

Happy Valentine's day!!


We have a winner - IBM's 2014 Global Entrepreneur of the YEAR! Coriell Life Sciences


At IBM Entrepreneur Week: 30 minutes you don’t want to miss! Eric Ries will ROCK it!

I am so excited!  Did you hear?

Eric Ries @ericries, Lean Startup guru, will be a keynote speaker for the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals—happening during IBM Entrepreneur Week #IBMEW, February 3-7! Eric will talk about his new approach to business, called The Lean Startup, which maximizes a startup’s potential by using their resources more effectively. But that’s all I’m going to share here. Listen from Eric himself in the video below!

Register now for IBM Global SmartCamp Finals to hear from Eric in person at The Bently in San Francisco or watch via LiveStream. And don’t forget to take part in the other fabulous activities taking place during IBM Entrepreneur Week.

Check them out here!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGwHPhssNoM&w=560&h=315]

My favorite Infographic of the Week! What does Success look like for a Mobile App Startup!


I now get to manage IBM's Global Entrepreneur program.  I love learning about the new start-up business models and that's why this Infographic made my top of the list for this week!

Fascinating facts:

  • Top performers spent 14% of their time on marketing but did you know that less than 52% of start-ups save any money for Marketing?
  • Did you know that 68% earned less than $5K on their first successful app?


apps infographic