Rheinmetall is a Social Business!

Happy Monday and welcome to our Social Business Coffee Break!!!

Rheinmetall is a client that has become a social business!  Listen to their story!


Social Business Adoption Best Practice #3: Governance and Policies are crucial! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #socialbusiness

We have documented a great set of best practices for Adopting Social Business.   With only 22% of managers saying they are "ready" for social, we need to focus on the governance and policies to enable the organization to drive success.

Take a listen to our third best practice!


What is Marketing 2.0?

What is MARKETING 2.0?


It is leveraging and using a combination of traditional marketing methods like direct mail, e-mail and events with the new Web 2.0 technology such as Twitter, Serious Gaming, Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, RSS, Widgets and so on. Combining the traditional with Web 2.0 technology creates a powerful marketing phenomenon that will bring great results in any marketplace!