I love to multi-task and social really enables me to do more than one thing at a time.

However, the study by (Visual.ly) showed that

  •  The typical worker is interrupted once every 28 minutes on average.
  •  28% of the average work day is spent on interruptions and recovery time.
  •  45% of workers believe they are expected to work on too many things at once.
  •  And tasks done in parallel take on average 30% longer to complete than those performed in a sequence

So what are my secrets to getting more done with social:

  1. I schedule social time in.    15 minutes at the start of the day, middle and end so that I can focus on listening and learning.
  2. I plan my social calendar.   On the weekend, I plan my blogs my subjects to focus on, and even the tools of the week.
  3. I focus on what’s important with social analytics tools that help me sort through the rivers of information.
  4. I focus on the relationships and engagements.
  5. I love experimenting and look for surprises and learnings in everything (like see my last blog on the Ducks!)  If you don’t look, you won’t see it!

What would you add?