My social media tip of the week is on eNurturing!!!

Do you have problems with email address changes?  For us, sometimes 50% of our e-mails were not being delivered.

We needed to update our e-mail addresses and optins for tens of thousands of customers so that we could continue to inform them of our latest announcements and offers. Instead of executing an expensive contact discovery campaign, we developed a fun, viral opt-in campaign that targets our target audience.

The campaign focused on how by understanding and using our  products, so that the user can become “Rock Stars” of their office. We target these audiences both at face to face events and online via a microsite – we use both traditional and viral techniques to drive to the web and to the events.

We staged a successful pilot at a conference in April, which we then rolled out worldwide via the Web and other local events.

Here is how it worked:

A Rock Star photo booth is set up to take pictures of participants against the “You Rock” magazine cover of their choice. The magazine covers have rock theme messaging for products celebrating anniversaries. If the customers agree to opt in, they receive a printed magazine cover, followed by an e-mail to drive them to the “You Rock” microsite to obtain PDF versions of magazine covers to forward to their friends.

While on that site, the can also link to product information. The photo booth concept was so successful – there was constantly a line for people wanting to get their rockstar picture and there was a real buzz about it throughout the conference. This simple tactic brought in almost 900 new opt ins.

On the microsite, individuals can select from a variety of magazine covers and import photos to build PDFs. Over 1,200 people have accessed the site to build a magazine cover and in the process many have also watched product demos or enrolled in local  events.

User feedback indicates this microsite is fun, entertaining, and gets our user base excited about being part of the community. We are currently translating it into Japanese.

The Results:

The “You Rock” viral opt-in campaign is an innovative and low cost use way to build loyalty and excitement about our brand amongst the base and also ensure that they are up to date the latest product announcements and offers. By increasing our number of opt ins this way we can continue to build a relationship and market relevant products and services to our customer base in the future.

Check it out!!!!