The Marble Effect! Build an Intentional Social Business Ecosystem! #ibmsocialbiz #socialbusiness #socbiz





The Marbles have 300% more surface area!!   So what does this have to do with Social?

Your voice gets magnified the more people in your network.   Your POV and listening impacts the best solution.

Take a look at this picture where you have a tiered Marble impact.    The upper tiers have impact and have direct linkage and work with a Social Business Manager.  The term “brand ambassador” has been a round for ages, but do we really want to create brand ambassadors?  The analogy isn’t quite right.  Nor do we want to put pressure on people to mindlessly share content on their personal networks.  So you need a bit more of a nuanced approach.   An intentional social enablement system!

multiply your impact

IBM has been working on a bunch of different enablement tiers that create an ecosystem of social enablement for IBMers.  Starting with a foundation of guidelines and policy – see our Social Business Coffee Break from yesterday blog post!  – and moving up to general education about social media, cybersecurity and reputation for all IBMers in the Digital IBMer hub.  From that tier, IBMers can move into the Forward Thinker Program which enables them to be surfaced on and other external experiences – and also to be identified for the IBM Select program, which is a small group of high-tough, bespoke plan enablement for the top tier.  All of this is managed by people from many different areas within IBM – the social business managers…we’re not suggesting that we create a whole department of social business managers, but this is definitely an emerging set of skills that people need!

I'd love your thoughts on this approach!!!


Social Business Adoption Best Practice #3: Governance and Policies are crucial! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #socialbusiness

We have documented a great set of best practices for Adopting Social Business.   With only 22% of managers saying they are "ready" for social, we need to focus on the governance and policies to enable the organization to drive success.

Take a listen to our third best practice!


Japan Releases Get Bold with Social Business in Japanese! #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #socialbusiness #ibmconnect

At IBM Connect 2013, the Japan Team released the Get Bold in Japanese!

A group of 50 clients and business partners showed up for our book reading and session!

Take a peek!

japan book signing 2

How do you balance Social and the Workday?

I love to multi-task and social really enables me to do more than one thing at a time.

However, the study by ( showed that

  •  The typical worker is interrupted once every 28 minutes on average.
  •  28% of the average work day is spent on interruptions and recovery time.
  •  45% of workers believe they are expected to work on too many things at once.
  •  And tasks done in parallel take on average 30% longer to complete than those performed in a sequence

So what are my secrets to getting more done with social:

  1. I schedule social time in.    15 minutes at the start of the day, middle and end so that I can focus on listening and learning.
  2. I plan my social calendar.   On the weekend, I plan my blogs my subjects to focus on, and even the tools of the week.
  3. I focus on what's important with social analytics tools that help me sort through the rivers of information.
  4. I focus on the relationships and engagements.
  5. I love experimenting and look for surprises and learnings in everything (like see my last blog on the Ducks!)  If you don't look, you won't see it!

What would you add?

What's your Duck? The Power of a Brand in the Twitter Stream #peabody #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #ibmconnect

Once upon a time, there was a world where social reigned  and where a teacher extraordinaire visited.  His name was Jeffrey Gitomer and he constantly declared simple points in a powerful way.   Then one day at Connect 2013 a magical thing happened.   At the Disney Complex , Jeffrey Gitomer reminded me about the wonder of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.

So I tweeted about it ... "What's your duck?"   meaning what's your brand like Peabody has done with the Duck!

Don't know the story?   For over 80 years, in 3 hotels throughout the US, they have branded themselves with the ducks that march from their "palace" down an elevator to a "lobby pond" and back out again daily!   People from around the world have their ducks on their desk and on the tubs!  (See mine!)

orlando 219

Now after I tweeted comes the magic.

I was "engaged" by the Peabody in Orlando.  The 'people' aka Kate, tweeted me personal messages and invited me to come for a behind the scenes tour.

ducks 001
Of course i said yes as I was already going to take my kids that night!  Now, there were non believers with me. They said "that's an automated message" and "there's nothing special about that!"  until we arrived and as directed in the Tweet went to visit Donald the Duckmaster.

Now a Duckmaster leads the ducks in and out.   He is magical.  I came up to him to ask about the behind the scenes tour and -- wait for it -- he knew my name, my twitter profile,, and my social graph that linked to his!!!   (He used to be the AT&T account manager on the IBM account a few years before.  Now retired, he joined the Duckmasters!)

duck master 3

He invited me to be an honorary duck master for the night (my daughter said "Mom you are the coolest mom in the world").  As I marched behind the ducks to the Duck palace, I thought about the power of the people .. the power of the duck .. all linked to social.

duck master 5

My conclusions:

  • The Peabody is a hip hotel with the right level of social engagement.  Kate rocked it by being personal, and meeting me in the person as well!
  • The Duck is going Social!  They know live not only in the pond, but in the twitter stream and blogosphere.   It is powerful.    You do need a duck.  What is yours?
  • The Peabody listened and responded.  And they knew my social graph.  Do you know your influencers Social Graph?  Do you know who your influencers are/
  • The Peabody demonstrated that the next generation of organizational productivity is based on unleashing the power of people.   It's about leadership.   Culture.   Trust.  Transparency.

So, I end where I began.  What's your Duck?   Do you engage?  The Peabody did.  I did.  And as a Result I am now an official Duck Master!  And the coolest mom in the world!

orlando 220

Thanks to:

Kate Thomas, Sherri Wallen,  Tatum Jay Delia , and Donald Tompkins

Social Business Adoption Top 10: #2 - Create a customized experience #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ibmconnect

We began a journey of the Top 10 best Social Business Adoption Practices!

Here is best practice #2 -- Customizing the experiences!  The experience is part of helping people to learn to work differently.  It appeals to the person to help them be more productive and efficient -- in essence , it helps them work the way they want to work!

I'd love to hear your comments on this adoption best practice!


Social Business Coffee Breaks: Adoption Best Practice 1 #socbiz #ibmconnect #ibmsocialbiz

We at IBM have a great set of Adoption Best Practices for companies both who are early adoptors and more advanced!

I will do a series of 10 of these each Monday!  My goal is to help you with your adoption!


Social Business Hot Tip: It's not about age! #ibmsocialbiz #ibm #socbiz #marketing


I hear all the time about the Gen Y in Social Business.    They are really important!   This new consumer group representing more than 95 million in the U.S. alone is referred to by the media as ‘Generation Y’.  A retailer I talked to today called them the ‘Future of Retail.’

But they are not the only future of Social!!!

A fact!  Did you know that there are 47.7 million adults 50-plus visiting Facebook in October of this year alone, according to ComScore.  WOW!  Did you know that the AARP is on the way to having over 1M members on Facebook?!

It is not about age but whether you are a digital immigrant learning or have an interest in social!


  • Target by Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants -- not by age!
  • Look at behaviors not age
  • Go personal!
  • For example, millennials have the opportunity to become your loyal customer with literally the swipe of a finger. Doing things like offering free WiFi in stores, mobile checkout, free delivery and social sharing are just a few ways retailers can begin to attract this new consumer group.
  • For example, according to AARP, they found that their fans, love anything that happens in the news. Anything current, timely and really visual works. For the last year, AARP has been focused on figuring out a way to tell interesting stories through photos and videos, because these types of posts perform four to five times better than others.
  • Learn your audience!!