Social Business Coffee Break: Adoption Best Practice #6 - Evangelism! #socbiz

Happy Monday!

Today, we continue our 10 step Adoption best practice!  Today we are going to focus on Adoption Step #6.  Evangelism!   The video below will go into details on how to do this to be effective in adoption throughout your organization and your clients.

Twitter: fastest growing social platform +40% Q2 to Q4 2012 #socbiz #ibmconnect

Check out the new infographic from my favorite Global Webindex.

twitter stats

New "Thumb" for #socbiz Collective Intelligence! #ibmsocialbiz

Thumb is based on the concept of crowd sourcing.  Crowd sourcing is tapping the collective Intelligence which leverages the wisdom of the crowd to generate new ideas and to refine ideas that exist, as well as vote on the “best” idea.

Thumb uses personal crowdsourcing.    For example, my daughter doesn’t know what to match with her new skinny jeans.  She can upload a pic to Thumb and then use collective intelligence to source the best match.

It appears like even simple questions typically generate hundreds of thumbs up or thumbs down, plus comments, sometimes within minutes.

The site has very high engagement of its users with 4 hours a month of use by its members, which is second only to Facebook!

Have you tried it?  Your kids?!

IBM's Partnerworld is TODAY! Why should small businesses care about #socbiz?! #ibmsocialbiz

Today I am in Las Vegas with a group of great partners and will be involved in a Social Business Boot camp for and all there!

Here are some interesting reasons why I am so passionate about helping my partners with social!

  • Did you know that 90% of small businesses are on Facebook, and roughly two-thirds post more than once per week?  Yet, only a quarter of all U.S. small businesses (20-99 employees) and a third of midsized companies say they use social media “to engage with customers and prospects in a strategic and structured way.” Another 20% of both groups say they use social media, but in an ad hoc manner. (eMarketer)
  • More than 80% of small to midsized businesses (SMBs) plan to increase their use of social media in 2013. Not suprising, considering that 87% of SMBs say that social media has helped them either somewhat or a great deal in th past year. Of those using this channel, social media accounts for 32% of SMB marketing activities. (Marketing Charts)
  • Still, not every small business should be using social media—or at least not using it as they are currently. 79% of small business owners on Twitter post just once per day or even less frequently, yet one out of three want to spend less time on social media. These business owners would be best advised to either spend their time on other tactics or hire someone who knows and enjoys social media to interact on their businesses’ behalf. No deposit, no return. (Leaders West)
  • Meanwhile, 55% of small businesses have a blog. (Leaders West)
  • Despite the growing popularity of local mobile search and social activity, only 3% of U.S. small businesses use geolocation services. (eMarketer)
  • Mobile marketing is “becoming mainstream” for small to midsized businesses (SMBs). 18% said they were “very likely” and 31% “somewhat likely” to incorporate mobile elements in their advertising and marketing efforts to reach potential customers in the coming year. Meanwhile, 7 in 10 plan to either maintain or increase spending in this area (Marketing Charts)

We will share our best practices on all of these areas So MoLo

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Geolocation

Interested in this coming to you!  Let me know!

Social Business Coffee Break! Adoption BP #5 Social leadership! #socbiz

Happy Monday!

Welcome to our Social Business Coffee Break on one of my favorites!  The importance of key leadership is crucial for great Adoption!

Tell me what you think!!

Social Tip of the Day! What is Social Currency! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ibmpartners

What is Social Currency?  n. Value earned from the exchange of positive human interactions.  Usually measured by Trust.


“Social currency” is replacing information as a key power driver of change.   The concept of earned influence is more powerful than paid elements like advertising.   Trustworthiness
is demonstrated by

  • Following through on commitments
  • Congruence in words and deeds – walking the talk
  • Acting with integrity and honesty at all times

Trust earns your Social Currency.   Remember social is about a relationship, not a broadcast or technology.   

My recommendation is that you take your great relationship skills online.  Focus on conscious, purposeful, mindful approach to managing relationships.  Relationship is 2-way!  So talk and listen, but listen first!!!

Ways to listen: 

  • Tweet scan
  • Friend feed
  • Technorati
  • Backtype
  • Boardtracker
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Blog Search
  • Talkdigger
  • Bloglines

What’s your social currency?

Social and BIG Data! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #bigdata #socialbusiness

I love the concept of systems of engagement and systems of record. These systems of engagement have a need for a diverse range of information from traditional systems of record to new sources such as social media, machine data and enterprise content.

 systems of engagement and record

How does Big Data enable this shift?

The new era of computing is built on a foundation of big data, where:

  • All data is harnessed for its full potential to power new insights, policies and actions across the organization – both internally and externally.

Analytics helps you understand and anticipate, giving you the conviction to act

  • Descriptive data describes ‘who” the customer is and typically refers to information such as age, billing address, preferred contact method etc, and often use geo-demographic information as well
  • Behavioral data describes what a customer has acquired and refers to the raw transactions that the customer executes including orders, payments, usage etc, and how they use products and services. This also includes Sensor data from instrumented devices and systems, for example, your cellphone.
  • Interaction data describes “how” the customer interacts through all the touch points including email, chat and the notes from contact centers – this typically includes a high proportion of unstructured data (enterprise content)
  • Attitudinal data describes how customers think and feel - gives insight into the “Why” (i.e. motivation) – social media is a rich source of attitudinal data along with other sources such as surveys

big data and engagement

To turn the mass of global conversations in social media into Useable Insights can improve results in marketing, sales, customer care, product development, and more

Smarter Workforce Uses Resume 2.0 #socbiz #smarterworkforce

A smarter workforce looks for Resume 2.0! 

A company that demands a smarter workforce uses great techniques to acquire the best skill. Using innovative techniques to find the right people for the right roles, assessing culture fit before investing and offering compensation plans that motivate and build loyalty as well as the overall brand are attributes of this type of company.


Anyone who wants to work for a top company needs to work on their Resume – but Resume 2.064% of employers are logging onto social networks to examine profiles of candidates. 

So what does a Resume 2.0 look like?  What should you think through? 

  1. Professional-ize your image (your picture and working)
  2. Secure
  3. Make your e-mail
  4. Ensure your paper resume links to web -- mixed mode works best!
  5. Develop your own personal brand document to ensure all you do online fits that brand!
  6. Add a Twitter widget to bring freshness
  7. Add a Podcast on your capabitilities
  8. Video cast as video is the most trusted media
  9. Slideshow of your character and experience
  • One of candidates sent me “The Brand of Jia” as her resume.  It was amazing!

What else would you recommend if you are hiring people?   What’s your best practice?

What is a Smart Workforce? Social is the difference. #ibmsocialbiz #kenexa #socbiz

One of the emerging trends my clients are telling me about -- as they adopt social business and really embed social in their business processes -- is the idea of a "Smarter Workforce."

One attribute of an organization with a Smarter Workforce is the way they build their teams.

The way we recruit people has certainly changed.  It wasn't that long ago that the Sunday newspaper came thick with job want ads, since recruiting in those days meant lots of expensive advertising and endless rounds of interviews.  The advent of online job postings streamlined that process for sure, and saved a lot of trees, but there's an even newer trend we're seeing, as social business works its way into the business processes of leading organizations.

Especially at one end of the job market -- when you're after recent graduates and people in the earlier stages of their careers -- newspaper ads won't reach them, and even online job postings are just "meh." 

My most successful customers tell us they need to attract talent, not recruit it, and there's a big difference.  I think social is that difference.  Do you agree?

Attracting top candidates is more than just awareness -- sure they know you're hiring, but now what? 

The trick is to attract the right candidates, who have the strengths, career aspirations and personalities your org needs to succeed -- and them match them with the right roles, the right parts of your org, and the right place in your organization's culture.

What do you do at your company?  How do you find the right candidates?  How do you use social to match the people you attract with jobs you and they want?

Happy Valentine's Day! Social-ize it!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Some of my favs for this special day!

1)  Make a Valentine's Day card by hand for your kids!   Write a special note on how much you love them!

2)  Send a note of appreciation to those special.  Join the Note Project.

3)  Tweet today your love to brands that care. and people that you care for!

4)  Send an ecard to your parents.   Did you know that the largest growing group on Facebook is AARP!!

5)  Don't forget your spouse.   Family is so important    -- how about a Pinerest Project as a "book of memories" around special moments.

We can show our love for another in so many ways on February 14th.

Please consider making your love count by doing some social good this Valentine`s Day.

Last year, I loved that many contributed ideas for giving a gift that changes the world on Valentine`s Day