One of the emerging trends my clients are telling me about — as they adopt social business and really embed social in their business processes — is the idea of a “Smarter Workforce.”

One attribute of an organization with a Smarter Workforce is the way they build their teams.

The way we recruit people has certainly changed.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Sunday newspaper came thick with job want ads, since recruiting in those days meant lots of expensive advertising and endless rounds of interviews.  The advent of online job postings streamlined that process for sure, and saved a lot of trees, but there’s an even newer trend we’re seeing, as social business works its way into the business processes of leading organizations.

Especially at one end of the job market — when you’re after recent graduates and people in the earlier stages of their careers — newspaper ads won’t reach them, and even online job postings are just “meh.” 

My most successful customers tell us they need to attract talent, not recruit it, and there’s a big difference.  I think social is that difference.  Do you agree?

Attracting top candidates is more than just awareness — sure they know you’re hiring, but now what? 

The trick is to attract the right candidates, who have the strengths, career aspirations and personalities your org needs to succeed — and them match them with the right roles, the right parts of your org, and the right place in your organization’s culture.

What do you do at your company?  How do you find the right candidates?  How do you use social to match the people you attract with jobs you and they want?