Happy Valentine’s Day!  Some of my favs for this special day!

1)  Make a Valentine’s Day card by hand for your kids!   Write a special note on how much you love them!

2)  Send a note of appreciation to those special.  Join the Note Project.   http://noteproject.com/

3)  Tweet today your love to brands that care. and people that you care for!

4)  Send an ecard to your parents.   Did you know that the largest growing group on Facebook is AARP!!

5)  Don’t forget your spouse.   Family is so important    — how about a Pinerest Project as a “book of memories” around special moments.

We can show our love for another in so many ways on February 14th.

Please consider making your love count by doing some social good this Valentine`s Day.

Last year, I loved that many contributed ideas for giving a gift that changes the world on Valentine`s Day