We are continuing our series on the Angels framework. Next stop is “G”: How to Go To Market socially and how to develop your go to market plan.


Some focus areas discussed in the video include:

1. As you add social media to your marketing plan, you need to remember the value propositions as they make a difference. Companies forget that the same marketing principles apply. The value propositions need to be compelling and differentiating – set your market apart.

  • How do you make it compelling? Represent the value of your company. differentiation
  • relevance
  • compelling nature
  • enduring

2. As you develop your plan, relationships are very important so remember the three C’s:

  • customization – i.e. Sears – My Virtual Model
  • co-creation – how do you enable your customer to use your technology to shape the future
  • collaboration – facilitate discovery and take action – how do you engage the tools and images?

3. Master the wheel of influence

  • Target by audience – i.e. Twitter, Bloggers, Governance and Universities