Today, we will discuss “N” from the ANGELS framework. I am here at Wharton with a group of Chief Learning Officiers and Chief Process Officiers!  My topic is on the use of Social Media in Strategy and Analysis of the market.

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In this video we look at how to insert new techniques in traditional marketing.

Corporate Social Responsibility is key – from a recent IBM study w/ 1100 CEOs, Corporate Social Responsibility is the # 1 priority for CEOs around the world. We need to demonstrate commitment to that strategy and live it.

How can you leverage that and nail your corporate social responsibility strategy? How you can use on-line tools to prove you are living your strategy?

An IBM example is “Project Green” where we leveraged Second Life to do demos. This allowed customers to view the demos without traveling, preserving our carbon usage, showing and living our commitment to green everyday.

Looking at branding, we used to control the message through a one way communication channel. Now with Web 2.0- two way communication, we need to realize we are the orchestrator of the brand, not the controller. We are conducting what happens and it is very successful on-line. You will see your brand on Twitter, Facebook etc.. you will influence that brand on-line by responding to your customers.

Look at roles – the way you segment your marketplace. If you segment by industry, one thing you notice on a global basis is that healthcare is different throughout the world. You should segment globally and look at roles on-line. On-line, you can gather a community using Web 2.0 technologies to form a group with similar roles.

For instance, Adobe and Rubicon Consulting have a group targeting bio scientists. IBM also formed a community on SOA – Role based segmentation.

Read the book for more case studies and check out my video!