Yesterday, I provided you with a look at my 1st video.. hope you enjoyed watching it!

My second video highlights the “A” in the ANGELS framework. How to Analyze your market place (click on me!) – the whole premise is to insert Web 2.0 methods into traditional approaches.

1. How do you look at the globalization effect? The world is becoming flatter making the overall market place important. How can you use techniques to strengthen your market?

For instance..
Dove: they looked and leveraged the web culturally – exploring how to send their message in Europe and Russia in different fashions as there message went out – analyzing what was effective in both market places

Lenovo: Localized their message – taking what they knew from China & applying it in a new market place in India

Globalization is more and more important. The framework highlighted in the book looks at the ecosystem, how you manage those marketplaces w/ Web 2.0?

2. How to make sure you look at your distinct marketplace..
50% of marketplace is on-line per IDC
50% of marketplace is not on-line
How do you segment that market?

3. How do you leverage on-line tools?
Banter – allows us to measure the amount of times people use certain phrases..
On-line allows you to experiment and turn things much faster if you monitor the banter that is occurring

For example, Johnson & Johnson developed a new ad for moms. The feedback on Twitter was clear that mothers were not happy about it. From the bad publicity in the social media, the ad was immediately pulled and replaced with a new ad.

Experiment by leveraging web 2.0 techniques!

Let me hear from you!!