I just developed a video series that is posted on YouTube for my latest Marketing 2.0 book! For the next few days, I’d like to highlight points from each video so please check it out and use them! My first video is an intro to the ANGELS framework:

We look at what is marketing 2.0? How do you combine social media w/ traditional forms of marketing? This is the right time to be thinking about Marketing 2.0. It reduces cost, is a great way to collaborate, allows us to be better connected, and generates results!

The ANGELS Framework is:
A-analyze market ~ how do you add social media elements?
N-nail the strategy ~whether its branding, targeted or role based marketing
G-go to market ~how do you do your planning, value prop, social relationships on-line, who are the influencers?
E- energize the channel & community~Vessels of social media that you want to add to your marketing mix, awareness through LinkedIN, Facebook etc
L – leads and revenue ~looking at your overall dashboard, social media that impacts you day to day
S- screaming at technology ~how to use technology to e-nurture make it more customer centric etc

The book is a marketing mix exercise, adding elements of social media/marketing to your mix so you have the most effective strategy