I was just in Dubai and heard from some of our clients that they are facing challenges they’ve never experienced before. At the same time external factors in their environment are forcing downward pressures on their businesses, they must still achieve growth targets/metrics and reduce costs… and they must execute with even greater speed than ever before. They are still looking to invest in critical areas but they are urgently searching for clearer solutions that deliver results to the bottom line with immediate value for their customers.

Part of what I saw was investment in technology like SOA and BPM! But I also saw a lot of Social Media interest as well!

Take for instance this! http://socialmediame.h2onewmedia.com/node/21

“It took us less than three months and less than 10,000 USD of investment to get our social media platform working for our business, we estimate that it has saved us at least 100,000 USD in sales, promotion and advertising costs over the past twelve months and that is without calculating the time saved by receiving super qualified opportunities.  From the perspective of our business social media just works and delivers significant value to our operations” Alan Condron Concur “

Also see this! A Super Cool vision for a Green City! — displayed on YouTube! Amazing! Marketing 2.0 goes around the world!